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Bring your inspiration to life with home remodeling.

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With over 180+ custom and waterfront homes built in Sarasota and her islands, and partnering with the best architects and designers, Murray Homes is trusted by high end homeowners to ensure that every remodel and renovation is carried out with the same ethos, expertise and precision. Our commitment to the highest quality standards for building, project management and customer service and meticulous focus on detail are second to none.

Take Your Current Home To The Next Level

We are experts at advising where you could, should and cannot take your home remodel or renovation, in terms of expenditure, future value and market.

We study your primary goals, family size, part or full time resident, lifestyle, aesthetic wishes, future property value. budget, home value, location, evaluating the economics and the viability of the project.

Introduce you to the right architect and designers, and draftsman appropriate to your budget and needs.

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