Sarasota Victorian Remodel

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A contemporary Victorian complete remodel located West of the Trail in Sarasota, for a family downsizing. The project was a complete strip down to interior walls and as great as it was previously, it is now truly stunning, with a fabulously eclectic style thanks to the homeowner, an interior designer.

Many of Sarasota’s most charming neighborhoods boast a wide range of architectural styles, especially in older areas. Homes here can range in design from craftsman bungalow to post-war Sarasota modern and everything in between. This home is a complete remodel transforming the original structure into a stunning design that combines Victorian architecture with modern functionality and construction standards.

Victorian architecture and design is a broad and widely varied style but Victorian homes do have several features in common. Steeply pitched asymmetrical roofs of irregular shapes, Textured shingles (and/or other devices) that provide visual patterns, and a visually interesting asymmetrical design. Victorian design offers architects a wide range of options, and the creative team at Murray Homes is thrilled to bring the home-owners vision to life and create a truly unique home in this beautiful architectural style.

This is our second complete home remodel for this client and we are happy to say that this home lives fantastically!

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