Shawn Ambrose

Shawn Ambrose

Residential designer

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Shawn Ambrose Residential designer

Mr. Shawn Ambrose is the proud owner of CAD Design LLC. Shawn has had a long history spanning 42 years as a home designer on luxury single family and multifamily projects across America. Having studied in architecture in the US and Scandinavia, and minored in architectural theory, in addition to art, history and philosophy before going on to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of North Carolina in 1982. After that in 1985 he went on to attend a Master of Architecture program at NCSU, late on he earned a bachelor’s in Christian Theology from the Way College of Biblical Research in Rome City, Indiana in 1991.

Previously to beginning the CAD Design program, Shawn has also served as the staff designer at twelve different prominent architectural firms across america. Shawn had also served on two residential design firms, the first one being BSB Design based in Des Moines Iowa and Reg Narmour an Architectural Group in Charlotte, NC. Having operated CAD design out of his home office, Shawn has also been producing design documents for over a billion dollars in residential construction, and had consistently garnered many design awards at both local and national levels.

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