Office +Administration

Eric Ling

Operations Manager - Murray Premier Services

Eric’s professional journey has been deeply rooted in information technology and the printing and imaging industry, spanning an impressive 25 years. His extensive background in these fields has equipped him with a wealth of experience and expertise, making him an asset in any professional setting.

He is a versatile and well-established professional in the corporate environment with a history in sales, purchasing, installation, management, maintenance, and billing. Throughout his career, he has held responsible positions such as Information Technology Director, Service Director, Project Manager, System Administrator, and General Account Manager.

On relocating to Florida in 2021, Eric decided to use his extensive knowledge in the business world and take advantage of an opportunity to transition from the corporate sector to real estate investing and development, which was a natural fit due to his passion for building and construction. During the last three years, he has successfully built, rehabilitated, and flipped homes in Florida. Using this wealth of experience, he recently joined Murray Homes in April 2024 as Operations Manager to further grow his career using the skill set acquired in real estate and business operations.