Uniquely Positioned for Custom Luxury Homebuilding

Uniquely Positioned for Custom Luxury Homebuilding

Our latest edition of Talking Shop has Murray Homes President, Steve Murray, talking about his
company ethos, in-house expertise, and the partnerships that create exceptional homes.

Let’s talk about Murray Homes’s new construction expertise and experience

Murray Homes has over 40 years of home building and development expertise between the UK
and USA. In 2001 we established our US operation and quickly gained recognition for our
continuous and unwavering dedication to quality and excellence. With unique expertise in
understanding and optimizing land and V-Zone (waterfront) opportunities, we have earned a
stellar reputation for delivering custom-built homes that exceed expectations.

Tell us about your stable of architects and other specialist partners

We are proud to collaborate with Sarasota and The Gulf Coast’s leading architecture, engineering,
interior design, and landscaping professionals. At the commencement of any project, we bring the
entire team of talent to the table, ensuring that we work seamlessly to achieve client goals. Our
ultimate success is determined by a synergistic architect, client, and builder relationship.

How have you seen the luxury home building landscape change recently?

How do you estimate as accurately as possible
with an ever-changing build-scape?

We work with our clients to evaluate desire and design against cost and time with our estimating
department. As we progress through the design phase, we continue to relate structural and finish
elements to the budget and help to value-engineer where possible.

How do you ensure an effective project management process?

We are very heavily invested in technology and building management software for users, team
members, and clients. This ensures that each project is managed seamlessly in one space that is
available to everyone involved in the process from beginning to end. Schedules, job-site logs and
sign-offs can be reviewed and actioned on-screen.

Is there anything else you would like to share about Murray Homes?

We love what we do, and we love where we live. Our constant work ethos is one of self-reflection and
adaptability, always improving on what we do to sustain and create great relationships and to
ensure our mantra of ‘Dream Big. Build Better and Live Well.’