Talking Shop with Damien Blumetti from Guy Peterson Office For Architecture

Talking Shop with Damien Blumetti from Guy Peterson Office For Architecture

Sarasota native
Graduated cum laude from UF with his B.A. and M.A. in 2007 and 2009
Project Architect on numerous award-winning projects in Sarasota
Awarded a residency at The Preservation Institute in Mexico City and The Vicenza Institute of Architecture in Vicenza, Italy
Has worked at Guy Peterson | OFA for over ten years – four as an intern and seven as an associate
Recent appointee to the City Planning Commission of Sarasota
Enjoys painting, surfing, and spending time with his two-year-old daughter, Ila, and wife, Erin, in his downtime

Damien Blumetti
and Guy Peterson

Let’s talk about what’s currently happening with MODERN architecture in Sarasota

It’s great to see change and evolution, as Sarasota finally embraces the MODERN movement in more general terms. Of course, the Sarasota School of Architecture influence and Guy Peterson studio have been designing MODERN homes for decades, but it is exciting to see the architectural landscape changing generally here.

Keeping it simple, what is your approach to new projects?

While we work exclusively on MODERN projects and collaborations, our designs are constantly evolving. No two clients are the same, which always pushes the envelope.

What inspired you most in crafting designs for our current MODERN home collaboration in Cherokee Park?

Cherokee Park is one of Sarasota’s most established neighborhoods and the driving force on the site was inspiration from external elements. In this case, trees, including a grand oak and an old-growth banyan. The homeowners wanted to maximize the lot potential with a single-story MODERN design, encompassing a main home and guest house. Walking the site, studying the survey and site views from different angles started the initial sketches…

So how do you like working with us? (you can be honest!)

The Guy Peterson office was thrilled that the Cherokee Park client selected Murray Homes. We love that their DNA comes from passion rather than ego, combined with a broad scope of build styles that they execute incredibly well. The entire team is talented and focused on perfection.

Tell us about a typical Guy Peterson studio client?

Typically a new client to the studio is highly educated about architecture and has done extensive research prior to talking to us. This is often their first MODERN build and they come to us by referral and through researching our extensive portfolio of work. Our clients are often local, but many come from New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan and New Hampshire as well.

You know that we have to ask you the cliched question about current trends in architecture right?

It’s important to design timeless homes – time relevancy is critical and as Guy likes to say, “We like a little dust in our technology”. As a team we are always watching trends, but are cautious to adopt them, longevity is key.

How do you stamp a completed project as a success?

The house warming is usually the stamp of success for me. We get to experience pure client satisfaction, as we see them living and entertaining in the home, environment and style that we originally envisioned for them. Perfection is always sought and every home is a continuous learning experience.

We obviously have to ask about your own dream home….

Funny you should ask! I have a design on the drawing board and the most important aspects for me and my family are harmonizing nature with built elements, while exposing raw materials throughout.

Finally. what are you most excited about on the Cherokee Park project?

I was totally connected to the site and trees and that really has transcended my expectations in the finished design. We also have some very unique and varied features such as Marvin, white oak windows, teak detail elements, black walnut cabinets and polished concrete floors. The combination of these materials is very simple, contrasting and organic.