Talking Shop: Sybill Johnson

Talking Shop: Sybill Johnson

Talking Shop: Sybill Johnson
Blank Canvas Design Group, LLC

Let’s talk about what’s currently happening with interior design trends here in Sarasota?

We are seeing a strong move towards coastal modern, cleaner lines, lighter, brighter spaces and open plan living for both new construction and remodels. British West Indies design also remains popular. In home workspaces, study spaces and technology are huge right now.

What is your approach to new projects?

The start of any new project and all clients starts with “ A gathering process”. This is where we delve deep on lifestyle, family dynamics, working from home and living or working here full time or part time, aesthetic preferences and integration of components from an existing home.

So how do you like working with us? (You can be honest)

Working with Murray Homes and their clients is a pleasure. They are professional, knowledgeable and take a team approach. There are processes and structures in place to ensure excellent service, communication and client satisfaction.

Tell us a little about your company and how you bring home interiors to life?

Blank Canvas Design Group is an award-winning firm dedicated to designing high-end spaces infused with functionality, style, and comfort. We thrive on exceeding client expectations by listening, understanding and translating their personal tastes and staying on top of latest trends.

What influences and gives you the most creative inspiration?

What does not inspire me?! I really cannot go anywhere without getting the creative juices flowing. I recently went to the beach and the color of the water inspired me – what project can I use that color on? Restaurants, travel and architecture also influence me. The brain never stops…

How did you get started in your career?

My first attraction to interior design was as a child. I recall going to my grandma’s home which was put together by a designer and I remember how lovely it was and how each room had a special feeling. Soon after I started asking for bedroom sets and furniture in lieu of toys for Christmas or birthdays I went on to at FL State to major in Fine Art, but soon changed my path when a Sorority peer inspired me with her interior design portfolio of projects.

What kicks you out of bed everyday?

My family, my clients, myself striving and wanting to make today the best day it can be – “This is the Day!” I work really hard, I push myself and I truly love what I do!

What is your favorite Murray Homes collaboration?

There are two. A waterfront property on Siesta Key where the clients are going away for a few months and have trusted myself and the Murray Homes team to WOW them upon their return, and a huge Mediterranean revival remodel challenge at Harbor Acres.

What is your own dream home?

A house that my family wants to congregate in that is comfortable, stylish and edgy- and if I had to pick a particular style it would be modern, neat and organized. I am also an eternal decorator and am known to totally overdo the holidays!.


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