Talking Shop: Design Professional Eric Allyn

Talking Shop: Design Professional Eric Allyn

How would you describe yourself as a designer?

Incredibly adaptable and versatile and always ready to challenge my client’s boundaries!

What got you started in the business?

I have always studied buildings for as long as I can remember and my dad came home with my first drafting board when I was 8. I have been designing ever since.

Casey Key House Eric Allyn Design Professional

What is your most defining work ethos?

To not to stay within traditional expectations and to create inspiring designs! Some of my most defining portfolio pieces, that represent my design vision, were originally deemed controversial and are now being applauded!

HE SAID, “Good design does not know style. I find myself immersed in creating authentic, non contrived architecture.”

A Contemporary Classic on Longboat Key

What influenced you the most in your career?

Grass roots education with an incredible mentor Jack Silverio, who I worked with for 7 years. When I was 25 I designed and built a cottage on his property by hand and lived there for 2 years.

You have a very successful practice in Maine, why open up shop in Sarasota?

I wanted to be in a place of abundant opportunity and the birthplace of east coast, mid century modern, where I could be inspired to develop a “New Florida Modern”. My practice in Maine still remains.

What excites you most about being here?

I feel a tidal wave of energy here and my vision is to contribute to a new Florida modern, moving Sarasota design and architecture into the next century.

Name a few projects you are working on in Sarasota right now

A new downtown Sarasota high-rise called The Collection at 1335, a visionary 14500 square foot post tension modern concrete beach house, with curved linear architecture on Longboat Key with Murray Homes, and a highly confidential, large scale development opportunity for the Sarasota region.

Lido Key Eric Allyn Design Professional

ERIC ALLYNDesign Professional  Eric Allyn

    Everett – 15, Ryan – 11, Ronin – 10
    Worked in Maine, Connecticut, California, Florida and Sierra Leone
    His kids, yoga, running, strength training, being social, travel, cities and architecture
    2 firms in Rockland, Maine + Sarasota, Florida
    Landscapes and modern, high-rise architecture
The Collection Condos