Sarasota Modern Architecture Event Hosted By Murray Homes Draws Influential Architects to Remodeled Victor Lundy Building

Sarasota Modern Architecture Event Hosted By Murray Homes Draws Influential Architects to Remodeled Victor Lundy Building

The Center for Architecture’s December Atelier Talk was hosted by Murray Homes at the custom luxury home builder’s Victor Lundy-designed office in downtown Sarasota.

The event attracted some of architecture’s most well-known architects as well as modern architecture enthusiasts from around the area to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the original Barth Insurance Building designed by Victor Lundy in 1957.

The building’s current owner, Steve Murray of Murray Homes, discussed the history of the iconic building as well as the renovations Murray Homes completed that both modernized the post-war modern structure, and reinforced the original concepts behind the Sarasota modern design movement.
Guest speaker Architect Joe King, co-author, with Christopher Domin, of Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses, spoke on architect Victor Lundy’s designs and his impact on the Sarasota modern design movement.

Notable attendees of the lecture included architect Cliff Scholz, known for designing large opulent luxury homes throughout the Sarasota area, architect Guy Peterson, a modern architecture specialist whose designs have won critical acclaim and often become landmark homes, and Sarasota Modern original architect, Frank Smith.

A pioneering architect ahead of his time, Smith was among the first 21 century architects to create sustainable structures by incorporating both sustainable building materials and design practices long before the term was used in the building industry. After working with Sarasota School of Architecture pioneers Victor Lundy and Ralph and William Zimmerman, he opened his own private practice in 1961. Before long, Smith changed the regional landscape with his own pioneering projects.

Builder Steve Murray shared this comment about hosting the event, “Nearly all of Sarasota’s best areas along the waterfront are built out. With so many structures in highly visible locations, architectural design and quality play a significant role in aesthetic value, monetary value, and even the broader quality of life for residents. Sarasota is extremely fortunate to have so many exceptional and influential architects and designers. Their ground breaking work has contributed to the appeal and success of our community as a whole, and we at Murray Homes, are honored to have hosted such a group.”

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