Herald Tribune Cites Steve Murray On Surge In Multi-Million Dollar Home Sales

Herald Tribune Cites Steve Murray On Surge In Multi-Million Dollar Home Sales

Steve Murray was recently interviewed by the Sarasota Herald Tribune during their article on a surge in 4 million dollar plus home sales.

The article highlights very impressive sales stats, over the past 6 months 28 homes and condominiums in Sarasota and Manatee counties sold for $4 million or more more.

During the same period in 2016 – 2017, just 10 properties in this price range were sold.

Multi Million Dollar Home In Sarasota

Sarasota Offers More Value Than Naples And Other Luxury Markets

Many local real estate agents are speculating a reason for the surge in the high-end market is, luxury home buyers are seeing a greater value in the Sarasota/Manatee county area.

The Sarasota area’s unique combination of stunning beaches, waterfront island real estate, a thriving down town and a diverse set of rich cultural attractions along with substantially lower prices than competing markets are drawing more high-end buyers.

In many instances the same home in Sarasota which may go for $4 million would be much higher in Naples or other luxury waterfront markets.

In Addition the strong sales in the over 4 million dollar market, the area has a large number of homes for sale in that range. According to My Florida Regional MLS, since April 13th more than 103 homes, condos and town homes in excess or 4 million dollars were on the market, and 19 properties in Manatee County.

Local Taxes And Award Winning Homes Are Also A Factor

In the article Steve Murray of Murray Homes Inc., states interest in the Sarasota luxury market is drawing clients from a wider geographic area, at least in part due to a favorable tax environment when compared with other metro areas around the county.

In an email to the Herald Tribune, Steve Murray states “We believe that this is in part due to the state income tax in those states, as well as the new tax regulations, In addition, our area is seeing an increase in nationwide appeal due to awards, marketing and high-end hotels bringing new visitors to our region.”

Murray also concurred with the notion that the high end market in Sarasota is a better value than many luxury real estate markets in Florida and nation wide, saying, “These clients are used to higher residential prices and so we are seen as a relative bargain when compared with Naples, Miami and their home towns.”