Waterfront Home Building Essentials For Sarasota Home Buyers

Waterfront Home Building Essentials For Sarasota Home Buyers

Living on the water in a custom home with expansive views of the bay or gulf is a dream that has enticed many homeowners to build a waterfront home in Sarasota Florida.

These days having your home also be a waterfront getaway is more attractive than ever. However home buyers should be aware, building the waterfront home of your dreams is a process and there are important steps home buyers building a new custom home should be aware of.

Here Are Essential Tips For Home Buyer’s Building A Waterfront Custom Home In Florida:

Understand The Land Your Home Will Be Built On

Hire a qualified real estate and land specialists to review the area on site for things such as soil properties, how stable ground is, where flooding can occur, and geological analysis. A slope analysis and erosion history must be understood in order for the architect and engineers to make the best decisions.

Know Your “Allowable Coverage” Zoning Rules

Check your zoning laws for your waterfront building codes and restrictions in order to ensure there is enough “allowable lot coverage” to build what you envision. Most local governments will limit what you can build so check your zoning rules first! Some cities may have local restrictions that can include homes, driveways and decks and other hard infrastructure that can affect the waterfront.

Learn The Local Drainage & Water Treatment Rules For Waterfront Homes

Waste disposal is another essential aspect of building on or near the water. Every city may have their own unique requirements that are likely to be more stringent for water quality protection. As such, be sure a septic designer, familiar with your location’s regulations, is on the team to determine what is the best long-term design for drainage, and water treatment for your custom home.

Learn The Local Wetland & Shoreline Restrictions

Review shoreline restrictions as well as tidal wetlands know where all the resource protection areas are. These areas are mandated by the government and carry with them certain restrictions.

Sarasota Waterfront Home Building Essentials For Home Buyers

Understand How Regulations May Affect Water Views

Doing research on clearing and thinning trees can be an excellent way to improve the view of your waterfront property. Reading up on buffer requirements before cleaning or clearing trees is an excellent way to start. For example, mangrove trees are often protected and may have regulations on trimming them for allowing views.

Inspect Your Seawalls

Sea walls are essential infrastructure on many waterfront lots. The stability and condition of the sea walls on your property are important for the long-term structural integrity of your waterfront property, and a thorough inspection of the seawall is recommended.

Docks, Lifts & Water Access Codes

Many homeowners want to add a dock, boat lift, seawall or other waterfront access infrastructure. However local codes should be checked in advance to find out what projects are allowed at that location.

You Local Waters & Boat Options

Learn about the water depth, where the navigable channels are, how the tides affect the water depth at your location, if there are low bridges spanning canals nearby, and if intra-coastal waterway access is available from your property. Understanding the navigability of the water at your lot will tell you what size of boat you can have at your home.

Learn From Your Neighbors

Talk to your neighbors! They will know any issues that can occur in that neighborhood, that may not be obvious to your real estate and design team.

Waterfront Living Responsibilities

Understand as a Florida waterfront home owner there may be additional responsibilities that will affect you. For example, gulf-front properties must have sea turtle-friendly outdoor lighting and window covering. Additionally bayfront or canalfront owners may be required to maintain the mangroves along their water front home. If your property is part of a community with a neighborhood association, be sure to check for any additional community rules, costs or restrictions that apply to your property.

Sarasota Custom Waterfront Home Building Experts

Murray Homes has been building along the Sarasota area waterfront for more than 20 years, including on the barrier islands, gulf coast, and canals. Our entire design team has a deep understanding of the complex requirements for waterfront and velocity-zone custom home construction.

If you are interested in building your waterfront dream home in the Sarasota Florida area, contact Murray Homes today.