Murray Homes Professional Project Managers – Home Building’s MVPs

Murray Homes Professional Project Managers – Home Building’s MVPs

How Murray Homes’ professional project managers ensure a successful and stress-free home building experience from planning to groundbreaking to move-in.

In American football, the quarterback acts as the primary communicator, play-caller, coordinator and decision maker on the field—the boss and diplomat between the other 10 offensive players who have to perform, the coaching staff on the sidelines, and all of the supporters who want to see those players execute the plan perfectly. Or the star attorney of the law firm drama, orchestrates the winning outcome by working with all the parties and creating a strategy after all the due diligence.

When building a custom home, the project manager is your quarterback.

As a knowledgeable on-site presence who can communicate openly between the builders, the subcontractors and you, project managers (PMs) are not only invested in seeing your home built with the upmost standards; they also want to provide you with the best “build experience.”

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Murray Homes prides itself on the well-honed professionalism of its project managers, who deliver quality, on-schedule, stress-free outcomes time and time again, across what can be a months-long process.

It all starts when the contract is signed and architectural designs, permitting, and costs are approved. Two things happen at that point: One, each client is introduced to a personal project manager who will be on the job through the duration of the process. Murray Homes’ project managers come to every job with an established expertise in the home building industry; their first step is to get to know the clients. As a liaison between all the people involved in building your home, project managers want, first and foremost, to understand your mindset, lifestyle, needs and motivations. From there, they can effectively communicate your thoughts to everyone from the roofer to the interior designer to the landscape artist, ensuring that your vision is represented at all times. They run every meeting and monitor every installation.

And secondly, the project manager works to assemble the ideal team for the build, utilizing knowledge of expert subcontractors to hire the best pre-qualified vendors for every aspect of the job, while incorporating what they now know about you and your vision. Windows, doors, flooring, countertops, and all manner of custom items may need to be acquired from overseas. The PM takes charge of these necessities, with an eye toward both budget and schedule as well as market conditions and availability, to keep the process rolling.

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Project management means oversight of all aspects of the building process, which includes maintaining the highest quality-control over all building and installation while constantly monitoring client wishes, as well as adhering to schedules and budgets. It takes authority as well as compassion and creativity, and multitasking is at the heart of every Murray Homes project manager. Communication, cultural awareness, and a balance between adaptability and high expectations are what make a project manager great. When every part of the job comes together, project managers exhibit an almost sixth sense for anticipating future needs and adapting accordingly.

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Murray Homes doesn’t deal in mass-production. In this business, details matter, and that means that project managers are tasked with—and indeed, feel responsible for—managing relationships. Everyone has a stake in helping the project move along with ideal results. Some projects can take as long as 18 months, which means that the project manager is a part of the buyers’ lives for a year and a half. This isn’t a surprise or a burden for Murray Homes PMs, who understand that lengthy relationships are all part of the process and relish the opportunity to develop long-lasting bonds with new homeowners.

Building custom homes is a team sport that calls on all levels to operate as a whole. For a winning outcome, you need a seasoned, capable quarterback.