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Updating Your Home? Watch Out For These Renovation Pitfalls

Updating Your Home? Watch Out For These Renovation MistakesUpdating your home yourself certainly has its appeal, however, if you embark on updating your home yourselves, there are several common mistakes new homeowners make that you will need to watch out for.

Starting Before You Understand The Home

For new owners of older homes, it can be tempting to begin renovating and updating as soon as you have the keys to the front door. However, waiting a little time to get a better understanding of the house before you jump in to change things will help you develop a better overall plan.

Many issues are not immediately apparent when you view the property, for example sunlight flooding a room at certain times of day, making it hard to see the tv or making it uncomfortably hot later in the day. If you purchase the home in the winter months, you may not know ahead of time how stormwater is channeled away from the home and how effective the drainage is. Aside from the unknowns, living in the home for a while before you make changes will allow you to see you actually use the... read article

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