Building Custom Homes That Last

Custom Homes In Southwest Florida

The idyllic Southwest Florida setting itself is what draws so many people here: sunshine and waterfront living and Murray Homes’ dedication to building luxury home and estates in Sarasota that are “effectively maintenance-free” homes combines instantaneous appeal with long-term endurance.

The corollary to our environment, however, is that buildings here must withstand the damaging—sometimes devastating—effects of near-constant heat, sunlight, humidity, rain, wind, saltwater, sand and more. Without knowledgeable, well-planned architecture and construction, a house here can easily and quickly fall victim to these elements.

What’s the point of a dream home if, in three years, it’s already in need of major repair?

Murray Homes strives to circumvent environmentally generated repairs by building homes that are effectively maintenance-free from the get-go. The luxury custom home builder emphasizes designs that inspire instantaneous appeal in the most discerning buyers, but the company simultaneously utilizes building methods that are sensitive to the environment can maintain that appeal for years to come.

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By combining thoughtful architectural consideration with durable materials, Murray Homes provides buyers with a sense of security in their investment. And... read article

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Murray Homes Professional Project Managers - Home Building's MVPs

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How Murray Homes’ professional project managers ensure a successful and stress-free home building experience from planning to groundbreaking to move-in.

In American football, the quarterback acts as the primary communicator, play-caller, coordinator and decision maker on the field—the boss and diplomat between the other 10 offensive players who have to perform, the coaching staff on the sidelines, and all of the supporters who want to see those players execute the plan perfectly.

When building a custom home, the project manager is your quarterback.

As a knowledgeable on-site presence who can communicate openly between the builders, the subcontractors and you, project managers (PMs) are not only invested in seeing your home built with the upmost standards; they also want to provide you with the best “build experience.”

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Murray Homes prides itself on the well-honed professionalism of its project managers, who deliver quality, on-schedule, stress-free outcomes time and time again, across what can be a months-long process.

It all starts when the contract is signed and architectural designs, permitting, and costs are approved. Two things happen at that point: One, each client is introduced to a... read article

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