Our Team

John Murray CEO at Murray Homes
John Murray CEO details
Steve Murray President at Murray Homes
Steve Murray President details
Larry Shanaberger Project Manager at Murray Homes
Larry Shanaberger Project Manager details
Sam Canham Project Manager at Murray Homes
Sam Canham Project Manager details
Mike Tuttle Project Manager at Murray Homes
Mike Tuttle Project Manager details
Bev Murray Real Estate Broker at Murray Homes
Bev Murray Real Estate Broker details
Danette George Office Manager at Murray Homes
Danette George Office Manager details
Michelina Nyland Accounting & Administration at Murray Homes
Michelina Nyland Accounting & Administration details
Trudi Ellis Administrative Assistant at Murray Homes
Trudi Ellis Administrative Assistant details
Natalia Polakova Administrative Assistant at Murray Homes
Natalia Polakova Administrative Assistant details
Jane Bennett Director of Marketing at Murray Homes
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For individuals who know Murray Homes and their approach to building high quality water-front luxury homes, the family-run business is hailed as unique and a pleasure to work with. Realtors and individual home owners who have benefitted from the meticulous focus on every detail involved in creating a true dream home recommend the builder on a daily basis. British born father and son team, John and Steve Murray have over 40 years of home building experience in the United Kingdom and Florida. Their focus on quality extends to the selection of professional and reliable subcontractors with whom they have a long, proven working relationship. Each project is overseen by an experienced project manager who is involved in every detail from start to finish.

The family owned business stays agile, moving with the market and their clients’ needs, so they are able to offer all the quality features in a home that truly makes it unique. Whether taking it from the ground up – finding the land, designing and building the ultimate in one-of-a-kind homes - or taking an existing home and giving it an extreme makeover like no other you’ve ever seen – Murray delivers.