The MurrayCollection

Our Process - Realize Your Vision Before It Has Been Built

A new cutting edge tool is now part of the design process at Murray Homes allowing homeowners to view their design selections in highly realistic renderings of their custom home - before construction has begun.

Any revision or alternate finishes can be brought to life for comparison as part of the design process.

We develop the renderings then download them to your iPad or iPhone for review.

Rendered Concept

Completed Home

Traditionally, making design, hardware, lighting, room layout and furniture decisions for a custom home is a fun yet intense and time consuming process that is made more difficult by the fact that there is no way to see the end result until the home is built.

Virtual Builder changes all of that (except the fun part) by allowing you to see your design choices installed into your specific custom home.

  • Use Virtual Builder To Visualize Everything from Paint Colors to Doors, Lighting and Even Specific Furniture From Retailers
  • Other such systems are not available for custom homes and do not allow for complete customization.
  • Murray Homes Clients Can Use Virtual Builder To Visualize Design Selections On their Actual Floor Plan - Before Anything Is Built, and make changes until they are satisfied with their selections.
  • This helps to streamline the development of your new custom home, by speeding up the process of selecting all of the details - allowing our team to complete construction of your new home that much faster.