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About Murray Homes

Exceptional Custom Homes In Sarasota

About Murray Homes

Crafting Timeless Luxury in and around Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota is renowned for its white sandy beaches, cultural richness, and upscale lifestyle along the stunning Gulf Coast of Florida. In this realm of luxury, Murray Homes has carved a niche as a premier luxury home builder, synonymous with sophistication, innovation, and unparalleled craftsmanship. With a commitment to delivering timeless residences that reflect the unique essence of Sarasota and the surrounding areas, Murray Homes  is a testament to the fusion of architectural brilliance and coastal elegance.

History and Legacy:

Established in 2001 by Steve Murray, he quickly gained recognition for his continuous and unwavering dedication to quality and excellence. Steve’s vision was to create homes that seamlessly blend with the picturesque surroundings of Sarasota while incorporating cutting-edge design and sustainable practices. Over the years, we couldn’t be more proud that our company has evolved into a distinguished player in the luxury home-building market, earning a reputation for delivering custom-built homes that exceed the expectations of the most discerning clients.

Winding forward to 2024, Team Murray is proud to have built and remodeled over 200 custom, luxury, waterfront and spec homes in Sarasota, Bird Key, Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key and Lakewood Ranch. This enviable, award-winning portfolio ranges from modern, coastal contemporary, and traditional homes and estates, ranging from 3000 to 10,000 square feet.


In recent years, Murray Homes identified a need for and successfully established an award-winning custom remodeling business. Our skill and good reputation as home builders have been welcomed by discerning homeowners who wish to make improvements or changes to their multi-million dollar homes, always looking to increase the value while either retaining the integrity of the original build or gutting and starting again on the same footprint. Whatever the budget, we pride ourselves on being responsive, organized, and professional, and we have stellar reviews from clients on Siesta Key, Lido Key and beyond.

As a testament to this success, Murray Homes is proud to have won awards at the prestigious NARI of Tampa Bay Contractor of the Year Awards for remodelling excellence with a Modern home on Lido Shores and a Coastal Contemporary home on Siesta Key.

Design Philosophy:

The Murray Homes’ design philosophy revolves around a deep understanding of the local environment and a commitment to creating homes that stand the test of time. We seek out and collaborate with renowned architects and interior designers to ensure each project is a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality. We have a deep market knowledge and bring a global perspective to design trends, products and finishes. 

Top-class construction is critical with the ongoing clean lines and contemporary architecture trends. This laser focus for delivering quality every time is applied, whether it’s a modern beachfront estate or a classic waterfront residence. 

Client-Centric Design Process:

What sets Murray Homes apart is our unwavering commitment to a client-centric approach. The team at Murray Homes understands that each client is unique, and their homes should reflect their tastes and lifestyles. From the initial consultation to the final touches, we foster open communication, ensuring the client’s vision is met and exceeded.

Murray Homes prides itself on designing homes for our clients around how they want to live, and attention to detail is vital; sitting down with clients and listening to their ideas, then incorporating those wishes to create a unique design and construction plan tailored to their specific needs and lifestyle.

As part of the design process, we use cutting-edge tools to create realistic renderings of the custom home or remodel, which allows homeowners to view and compare design selections. 

Any revision or alternate finishes can be easily incorporated into the design process and downloaded to a tablet or phone for review. This makes the whole design process inclusive and ensures the project moves towards completion on time and within budget.

Innovation and Sustainability:

In addition to the focus on aesthetics, Murray Homes is at the forefront of innovation and sustainability in luxury home construction. As a company, we embrace eco-friendly practices, incorporating energy-efficient technologies, sustainable materials, and smart home solutions. This commitment aligns with the global shift towards sustainable living and ensures that Murray Homes’ properties are equipped to meet the evolving needs of modern homeowners.

Signature Projects:

At Murray Homes we feel privileged to be allowed to leave an indelible mark on Sarasota’s landscape with exceptional projects. The Jewel of the Bay, a masterpiece on the shores of Sarasota Bay, showcases our company’s ability to create homes that capture the essence of waterfront living. Another notable project is the Siesta Key Beach House, a contemporary gem seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces, offering panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Preserve and Protect:

After identifying a gap in the property maintenance market in recent years, Murray Homes has added another string to our bow with the launch of Proper.  focuses on custom concierge maintenance for luxury and waterfront homes. This service is available to any property owner. It’s tailored for homeowners who enjoy the peace of mind of employing an established and reputable company to maintain, protect and enhance the value of their home.

Florida Real Estate:

Steve Murray isn’t the only talented Murray in the family, as evidenced by the success of his wife, Bev Murray, a real estate broker for, showcasing a dazzling property portfolio and offering a full-service real estate experience over the last 20 years. As a certified real estate negotiation expert (RENE) and a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS), she has lent her professional weight to over $400m in real estate transactions!

With a wealth of knowledge, Bev and her team are the Sarasota waterfront specialists, and together, they offer an unparalleled concierge service on every sale or purchase transaction, ensuring top negotiating skills and results are delivered every time.

With the Murray Group’s close ties to Murray Homes and Proper, all three companies have the best contacts in every field of real estate and luxury building, from architects to appraisers and overseas real estate partners, making our talented team of highly respected and skilled individuals a go-to for anything property related in this corner of the Floria Gulf Coast!